Books by Henry Charlton Beck, books referred to by Beck, and books that give additional information on places visited by Beck. This page is always under construction.

Henry Charlton Beck’s books


  • Murder in the News Room (E. P. Dutton 1931)
  • Cakes to Kill (E. P. Dutton 1932)
  • Society Editor (E. P. Dutton 1932)
  • Death by Clue (E. P. Dutton 1933)
  • Murder in the Newspaper Guild (E. P. Dutton 1937)


  • Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey (E. P. Dutton 1936)
  • More Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey (E. P. Dutton 1937)
  • Fare to Midlands (The Jersey Midlands) (E. P. Dutton 1939)
  • Jersey Genesis (Rutgers University Press 1945)
  • The Roads of Home (Rutgers University Press 1956)
  • Tales and Towns of Northern New Jersey (Rutgers University Press 1964)

Cartoon Books (with W. Bolte Gibson)

  • Fun in Church (Calvary Church/Trenton Printing Co. 1952)
  • More Fun in Church (Calvary Church/Trenton Printing Co. 1953)
  • Lapses in the Apses (Calvary Church/Trenton Printing Co. 1954)
  • Clerical Errors (Gilbert Press 1955)
  • No Jack in the Pulpit (Trenton Printing Co. 1956)
  • Dearly Beloved Brethren (Trenton Printing Co. 1958)
  • Excess Prophets (Trenton Publishing Co. 1960)
  • There’s One in Every Parish (Morehouse-Barlow Co. 1966)

Sources Used by Beck

  • Gordon, Thomas Francis: A Gazetteer of the State of New Jersey… (Daniel Fenton, 1834). link (Internet Archive)
  • Green, Charles F.: Pleasant Mills, New Jersey. Lake Nescochague. A Place of Olden Days (n.p., n.d.). link (Bass River Twp.)
  • Harshberger, John William: The Vegetation of the New Jersey Pine-Barrens (Christopher Sower, 1916). link (Internet Archive)
  • Peterson, Charles J.: Kate Aylesford (T. B. Peterson, 1855).
  • Still, James: Early Recollections and Life of Dr. James Still (J. B. Lippincott, 1877). link (Internet Archive)

Additional Sources

  • Andrews, Frank: Inscriptions in the Early Gravestones on the Old “New England Town” Burying Ground Fairton (n.p., 1909). link (Internet Archive)
  • Boyd, Howard P.: A Field Guide to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey (Plexus Publishing, 1991).
  • Di Ionno, Mark: A Guide to New Jersey’s Revolutionary War Trail for Families and History Buffs (Rutgers University Press, 2000).
  • Federal Writers’ Project: New Jersey (Viking, 1939). link (Get NJ)
  • Pierce, Arthur D.: Iron in the Pines (Rutgers University Press, 1957).
  • Solem-Stull, Barbara: Ghost Towns and Other Quirky Places in the New Jersey Pine Barrens (Plexus Publishing, 2005).

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